Armed Forces SSB selection procedure are simple and difficult at the same time. The aim is to identify the best of the youth to command troops in war without any error which needs people with best of the mental makeup and strength of will. This necessitates that the candidates undergo a gruelling and an elaborate testing commonly known as Mansa (Mind), Vacha (Speaking) and Karmana (Practical Implementation). The same is tested as Psychological Test, Interview and Group Test. Before this several entries like NDA/CDSE/AFCAT/NA also need the candidates to take written exams which makes the process even more elaborate and difficult. 


Every stage of Officers Selection has its own importance. But the scope of written exams poses the biggest hurdle. It requires complete dedication and hard work from the candidates along with good study material to clear the written examination. 

We as a team of educationists and assessors have come up with unique and concise material for the preparation of all the written portions including OIR testing where in the concepts are kept at premium to be understood and practiced in a short time. The material is sufficient to make a candidate pass any defence entrance examination without spending too much of time in practicing and reading fat books. 

We have experienced faculties to teach all the subjects needed to clear written examinations of armed forces. We promise to provide the most efficient & effective study material for all the subjects required in defence examinations such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, knowledge about the respective field of defence etc.


SSB interview is not like other job interviews, it is completely different from others. SSB interviews are conducted to check the mental and physical stability of the shortlisted candidates. The procedure of SSB interview will take 5 days to complete which are conducted at different centres across India. 

The 5 day SSB interview procedure are given as under:

  • Stage 1 (Screening Test) (Only the qualified candidates of this test will be allowed to attend next tests)
  • Psychological Tests
  • Group Tasks
  • Interview
  • Board Conference

SSB Interview Topice Covered

Introductory Classes

We give a detailed brief and undertake short skill assessment test to evaluate the current potential and areas of improvement for specific attention to each candidate.

Stage 1 Testing Classes

We understand the criticality of Stage 1 Testing (Screening test), hence special focus is given on following:

  • Briefings
  • OIR testing
  • PPDT Story Writing
  • Discussion and feedback session  
  • Speaking skills 

Psychological Tests

Psychology test briefing, conduct of tests, evaluation of responses and interactive discussion form the core of our Psychological Test Coaching. We Cover:

  • PIQ filling
  • Thematic Aperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Assosiation Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SD)

Group Test Battery (GTO)

We lay special emphasis on both outdoor and indoor tasks. The tasks include: 

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Task
  • Lecturette
  • Group Obstacle Race
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task

Cadeto India - Best Coaching Institute for SSB | NDA | CDS | AFCAT | Soldier GD | Group X & Y | Bank 

Interview Procedure

Intense practice and evaluation of  interview technique is carried out on Presentation, filling up of PIQ form, conduct of mock interview and personal interview of each candidate with a feedback session.

Cadeto India - Best Coaching Institute for SSB | NDA | CDS | AFCAT | Soldier GD | Group X & Y | Bank 

Personality Development Capsule

Personality Enhancement and improvement of social Graces:

  • Attitudes
  • Power dressing, body language and mannerism etc
  • Role plays and personalised   feedback to candidates
  • Counselling:   Doubt Clearing session
  • Action Plan for further improvement based on personalised feedback for each candidate.

Cadeto India - Best Coaching Institute for SSB | NDA | CDS | AFCAT | Soldier GD | Group X & Y | Bank

Why Us

SSb Classes are conducted by the best Ex assessors & instruc

We understand that all students do not get the king of exposure and opportunities to make him a perfect personality. We at Cadeo India ensure that each student is given individual attention and practice to improve in short duration. We have achieved some of the best results in all entries PAN India